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Daniel Cowx

Proud to be Canadian

My Profile

Hello, my name is Dan Cowx from the Tri-Cities. I am a Simon Fraser University alumnus who graduated with a First Class Honours Degree from the faculty of Computer Science in 2002 with a Major in Software Engineering and sub-focus on Computer Network Protocols. I have 19 years of professional engineering experience and I specialize in Agile RAD prototyping, Bitcoin Blockchain, cryptography, and workflow automation (i.e. replacing manual human tasks with automated cloud-based algorithms). I am a hard-core privacy, encryption, and security advocate as well as an Ironman finisher (12 hours 22 minutes). When I am not working, I enjoy working.

The Cowx Family


Since completing SFU, I’ve coded for Sony Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, I’ve designed digital slot machines and random number generators for Las Vegas casinos while at Rocket Gaming Systems, I’ve managed a large team of Canadian and Chinese engineers spread across two continents while at Kodak, and in 2014, together with Kevin Sandhu, I co-founded Canada’s first peer-to-peer online money-lending platform, Grouplend (later renamed to Grow). Over the next three years, we built Grow into a leading banking-technology company, serving consumers through partnerships with top global financial institutions. Grow was acquired by ATB Bank in November 2019.


Do you want to learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, Mining, Wallets, or Distributed Ledger Technology? I’ve been running a Bitcoin Core node (8333 open) since 2012. I provide a broad range of consulting services ranging from wallet and e-commerce workflows to security best-practices. I can also assist with custom application development (desktop, web or mobile) on the Bitcoin Blockchain using Bitcoin Core, BlockCypher, or a custom API. I am also an expert in creating custom FINTRAC/FinCEN compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) pipelines to satisfy regulatory compliance (Jumio, Trulioo, TU, EFX, and/or Google Vision based). 

Mobile App Development

Do you have a project that requires a native iOS or Android App? I have 3 years experience developing mobile applications with React Native and Node.js on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Console, and Digital Ocean. Real-time data services developed using Cloud Firebase or Cloud Firestore.

Bitcoin “Cold Storage”

I have 7 years of experience developing offline and/or “air-gapped” cold-storage solutions for Bitcoin. Solutions are single, multi-signature, or Shamir’s Secret based. All workflows are electromagnetically isolated via a custom-built faraday cage (HNV80 + indoor MJ grow tent) and two “stripped” laptops (all radio chips removed) purchased anonymously from separate manufacturers.

Workflow Automation

Do you have a human task that could benefit from software automation? If so, I can help. I specialize in developing cloud-based workflow automation pipelines that immediately increase throughput, reduce errors, and allow for more efficient utilization of your workforce.


A few years ago I had a vision for a company I wanted to build that would reinvent the way people banked. Something that would change lives and alter the course of one of the largest and most rigid industries globally. It was a bold vision, but I felt strongly that there was a real opportunity and a vital need to change the way people banked.

I knew I needed someone ambitious, forward thinking and a little bit crazy to help me realize that vision. I needed someone with unparallelled skills in creating bleeding edge technology and an ability to look years in the future and apply that knowledge today. I needed someone that not only shared my vision, but would add to it every single day and push me harder as a result. I needed someone that could inspire others and lead a team to push the envelope at every turn. I needed someone that understood how to do more than just build technology, but build a business around that technology capable of taking on some of the largest competitors globally. I needed someone one of a kind, to help build something one of a kind.

In early 2014, I met Daniel through a mutual friend for coffee to talk about my idea and how I thought it could re-shape the world of banking globally. That short coffee meeting turned into a several hour discussion about finance, technology, startups and about a dozen other topics that we both felt passionately about. I knew very quickly that Daniel was that one of a kind person that I’d spent months searching for. I knew very quickly that I had the perfect co-founder with the right mix of crazy, brilliance and passion to entrust my dream with. I knew very quickly that we were going to do something amazing together.

Since that first coffee, Daniel has proven time and time again that I was absolutely right about him. From the first line of code he wrote, to leading a world class team of developers and data scientists, Daniel has proven his exceptional technological vision. His ability to inspire and lead people around him, from all parts of our business, has proven his skills and infectious passion. His unique ability to balance visionary development with the real world needs of a growing and profitable business have proven not only his technical but also his overall business acumen.

In the time that I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daniel, I’ve seen him grow and develop his already wide range of skills to become an all around exceptional leader. His vision, passion, leadership skills and endless intellectual curiosity make him the one of a kind person that I’m very fortunate to know today. Very fortunate to work with him now and looking forward to plenty more ideas over coffee in the years to come.

Kevin Sandhu

Founder and CEO, Grow

I had the pleasure of working closely with Daniel at Grow in 2015 & 2016 during an interim CFO assignment. “Big Dan” is a passionate, driven, technology leader. Dan was a ton of fun to work with, and was well respected by everyone on his team and in the company.

Dan has a depth of technology knowledge and experience that I cannot do justice to, but what impressed me both about Dan was his passion for learning – be it technology, financial or otherwise Dan approached new problems with a zeal that was second to none.

I’ve got a lot of time for Dan and wouldn’t hesitate for recommend him for almost anything.

Mike Martin

Chief Financial Officer, Grow

Daniel was outstanding and consistently exceeded our expectations; this success is no doubt due to his creativity, leadership and commitment.

Kevin Ishiguro

Engineering Manager, Kodak

Daniel proved himself to be an able engineer and a great worker. He completed all work assigned to him under a severe schedule and his work was of the highest quality.

Takashi Ohkubo

Senior Manager, Sony Corporation

Skills and Technologies

  • Research and Prototyping 100% 100%
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain 90% 90%
  • Node.js 90% 90%
  • Web Apps (React) 90% 90%
  • iOS and Android Apps (React Native) 80% 80%
  • Desktop Apps (Electron) 80% 80%
  • JavaScript 90% 90%
  • Java 83% 83%
  • C/C++ 80% 80%

Work Experience Timeline


Sony Corporation
Software Engineer

At Sony I was responsible for developing automated video editing software in C++.


Rocket Gaming Systems
Software Engineer

Responsible for developing Random Number Generators for digital slot machines.


Project Engineer

Worked on the Prinergy team as a Sr. Software Engineer and Project Engineer.


Kreofusion Inc.
Founder and CEO

Kreofusion was my own company. We developed web sites and mobile apps.


Co-Founder and CTO

Developed white-labelled banking software for the Canadian banking and credit union sector. Grow was sold to ATB Bank in 2019.


Software Consultant

Consulted on the development of an automated content recommendation engine.


Master Cipher
Principal Engineer

Developed a peer-to-peer encrypted vault solution for storing secrets and for authenticating via 256-bit digital signatures.


Daniel Research
Software Consultant

In February 2019, I returned back to my consulting roots to provide specialized research and prototyping services.